Outside Tap

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Product Description

How about a new outside tap! Great for washing the car or watering the garden. An outside tap to your property is a necessity to most homes so read our Q&A section for all your answers.


Always wanted an outside tap?

What do I get?  A newly installed outside tap
Where will it be install  We will try and install the outside tap in a location that suits you but there are certain compromised to be made.
What compromises are to be made?  In order for us to install an outside tap we need a cold water supply from inside your property. We generally take our cold water supply from your kitchen cold water tap.
Will it effect my current water pressure No. All water pressure will remain the same even after installation
Can I have a cold water tap on the front of my property? Yes as long as the cold water supply we are using to supply your new tap doesn’t exceed a maximum distance of 2 metres, from where you would like the tap installed
What about possible pipework freezing in the winter? We will do our upmost not to leave any exposed pipework to the elements. If no other option is available we will fully insulate the pipework accordingly


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