What to expect from a home buyer’s survey


Everyone deserves to make an educated and informed choice as to the prospective home they intend to purchase. To some, it may look like an unnecessary cost but to perform a home buyer survey will save you money that you would have rather spent fixing major and costly defects you didn’t spot when buying your home.

You may be lucky to pick up on some defects but what of the uncommon ones? We perform a check list of minor and major concerns on the home your thinking of buying and present a written report with recommendations and alterations.

Here is what to expect and how it will arm you in any negotiations you may have when making a offer on your new home.


  • Brickwork

  • Drainage

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Heating

  • Damp

  • Glazing

  • Roof


We will rate from 1-5 the level of importance to correct each area of the house and will also answer your questions on anything you would like to add.


The Structure


Our experienced builder will check for cracks or dampness of the walls, damage to timber, strength of floors and roofing, condition of interior, foundations, attic, windows, stairs, doors, and ventilation where possible….he’s not a magician…but he’ll do his best.
We also asses to inform you of the kind of materials used for the construction of the property. With this information, we will be able to tell the durability of the structure


Alterations or Exentsions


Great!We will Give you a on the spot estimate for loft conversions, refurbishment or even a nice new extension and if you decide on coming back to us to complete your ideas we will discount you.

Now its up to you
No need to waste precious time driving or looking for a surveyor or to buy equipment. Your problem gets solved as soon as you get in touch with us. Log on to our site and take action.


1. Go to our home page and initiate a chat. Ask for a home buyers survey or look through our store area to find the home buyers survey under the “Surveys” menu



2. Place your order. Confirm your email address submitting the time you need us to be with you. Whether its a house you are viewing or another scenario leave us as many details as possible in the notes section on the checkout page.



3. Sit back relax from all the hard work is done from the comfort of your home. Easy peasy!



This survey wont effect or have any relevance on applying for a mortgage its our experienced builders interpenetration on the property you are interested in purchasing. We think its a great option as it can avoid you furthering your commitment to a property that might need a lot more money spent on it than you would expect.

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