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Who we are

After observing the hassle you, me and everyone for generations hopping from shop to shop just to find a small part for your plumbing, electrical, lighting, and building needs, we decided to put an end to this. Taps, switches, bulbs, wiring accessories.

We sell, plumbing, electrical, lighting power and building equipment and then we deliver and install for you at your convenient time.

DIY is the real joy and convenience of ordering online. Just like a pizza is delivered to your doorsteps, we deliver whatever equipment you order right at your door.

Our concept is as simple as 123…


  1. Pick products from our wide selection


  1. Select a time and day that suits you


  1. We come to your door and install


What we can do

So it’s a lazy Sunday morning, you hear water dripping echoes coming from your toilet. Your head is heavy-you had a few glasses of wine, your body aches and you just want to wind but on checking, you meet an overflowing toilet. Ick! I hear you.

Besides delivering,  Build It Smart will fix your overflowing toilet instantly, fix flickering lights, Protruding pipes and electrical wires,  blowing fuses, tripped circuits and any other electrical, lighting, building or plumbing materials or emergencies from the below lists.





  • Joinery
  • Extensions
  • Garden Office
  • Excavation
  • Homebuyers survey


  • Burglar Alarms
  • Ring security doorbell

And many more….. 

How we do it

No need to waste precious time driving to a store. Your problem gets solved as soon as you get in touch with us-the power is in your hands. Log on to our site and follow these 3 quick steps;


  1. Go to our store area and look through to find the equipment you need


  1. Place your order. Indicate the time you need it delivered or and installed


  1. Sit back relax from the comfort of your home and watch us deliver/install directly to your house or job site. Easy peasy!


If you like the format of the site and want to get involved get in touch or select our application form.



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