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Test Certificate


Added On September 20, 2016

Product Details

How it works? Simply select the amount of circuits you require testing. These circuits are usually labelled in your fuse board e.g. down lights , up lights , sockets etc
Is the price to text whole circuit board? No! the price listed is for each individual circuit. If you are uncertain please contact us for more info
How do I receive my certificate? You receive your certificate via email or written copy.
What if a circuit doesn't pass or some upto regulations?  We will recommend a way in which we can rectify the fault.
Will I still be charged if a circuit doesn't pass regulations?  Unfortunately yes. We still have to perform the full test on the circuit to determine if it will pass current regulations

Product Description

What is a Electrical installation certificate / Domestic installation certificate? This is issued to the customer on the completion of any electrical installation works. It details the type of works undertaken; any deviations from the regulations as listed in BS 7671, who designed, installed and tested the works and when the next inspection is due. How it works: Choose the amount of circuits you require testing as we give you a price per circuit. Choose a day and time available from our calendar. A member of our team will come and complete the test and issue a certificate. simple! What’s the service i will receive? A fully qualified member or our team will come an complete the required test. They will perform a visual inspection looking for any faults that may have been caused due to misuse. A certificate will be issued to you. What happens if my appliance doesn’t pass? If your current electrical installation is deemed unsafe under regualtional results. We will give you the best possible advice as to rectify any issues, and will also give you a estimate for any work that needs completing.

Additional Info

This is a service only product  please contact us for further information


Test Certificate



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