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Added On September 20, 2016

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Thinking of purchasing a house? Don’t know how to figure out faults and evaluate renovation cost? Don’t worry in just one viewing you will!
What do I get?  You get 35-45 minutes with our experienced builder.
How do I get my estimate?  We can write you one after the viewing but you will have to allow our builder 10 minutes to complete the report for you.
Can I have the report emailed to me?  Yes, please provide us your email or text it to our surveyor to he can email you a version.
Will the report effect me getting a mortgage?  No! This is a totally independent report designed to help people spot signs of potential hazards a house might have without having to pay potential lenders serveyors £250 and upwards for a report.
What happens after I buy the house?  If you would like  us to carry out the work we have estimated for in our original report contact by telephone asap so we can book you in.

Product Description

Thinking of purchasing a house? Don’t know how to figure out faults and evaluate renovation cost? Don’t worry! Costly mortgage lender home buyer serveys can start from as much as £300! Which we think is too much, so with our survey you can save yourself a lot of time and money. With Build it smarts very own expert building supervisor will accompany you to your building and in just 35 to 45 minutes of time, he will list all the work needed by the facility and will provide you a report with the estimated cost spent on repairs. we will also give you any estimates for future extentions or projects you might be thinking of that could possibly increase the propertys value . Once the viewing is complete our expert builder will provide a emailed or written report to you, showing potential estimates of work. Upon purchasing your dream home, you wish to proceed with our services we will reduce the gross estimate by 15%. We ensure best and quality services until the client is satisfied.

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Home Buyers Survey


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