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Somthing About Build it smart

Build it smart is the UK’s first online building shop.

Where it combines the ease of purchasing a product for your home as well as the installation of that product all at a time and day that suits you






Hi am director Car Glassar and i decided to create the UK’s first building service shop as i didn’t feel there was anything out there that should be, and to be honest the internet expands everyday so it was only a matter of time before someone came up with idea but luckily i did first :).


For me personally it was a no brainer i myself have worked in the construction industry for around 15 years and even when i was a kid i used to go to work with my dad as he was a joiner so i was always good with my hands and creating things.


There are many many product service shop but never a building service shop, offering the chance for everyone to select any product they want for there home whether it be a broken light or socket to a more personalized service were we also for accommodate as a general builders.


Perhaps there is a reason why no body has created a home improvements company that supplies and installs its products in the way we do, well along the journey we will find out

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